How Reiki can help with Stress

Stress is a common part of everyday life for many people and while some stress is actually beneficial, too much for too long can actually start to cause serious problems. If you are stressed, you'll need to de-stress and one therapy that can really help is Reiki.

This is where I can help you, by giving you a Reiki treatment which can help lessen the impact of stress which will in turn release tension from the body leaving you relaxed and energised.

When a client comes to me requesting a Reiki treatment, I know they’re ready to release old energy, and to balance their chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means 'wheel'. Therefore, a chakra is like a wheel spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion forming a vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibratory level. We have seven major chakras which are connected to specific organs, glands and body systems and many more minor ones, and each major chakra is connected to a color vibration frequency. Chakras respond to everything in our environment. They respond to our thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and all of the experiences that we encounter throughout the day. Negative experiences and our own negative thoughts can cause blockages in these energy centres.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that uses a non intrusive " hands on " or " hands off " healing.

The reason why Reiki can be so powerful and effective is because it infuses your chakras and your body, with Universal light energy. Your body takes exactly what it needs to at that point in time. As a practitioner, my responsibility is to simply act as a conduit for Universal energy in order to help healing take place optimally, so that your body can heal itself.

Since Reiki helps us clear energy blocks in our chakras, it is no surprise that a client feels much more grounded, calm and relaxed after a session. Some even take a nap during the treatment! Whether awake or napping, Reiki works for the patient’s highest good.

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