Healing past wounds with Reiki

Can Reiki really help with healing past wounds?

We all have things in our past that have caused us pain or trauma, a bad breakup, a traumatic event, something that makes you feel bad every time you think of it. Some of these things can be quite severe and leave lingering effects with us or keep us living in the past, either reliving the trauma or wishing for what we believe should have happened instead. This negative energy keeps us stuck, unable to move forward and enjoy our lives in the moment or create the future we would like to live. These painful memories and stuck traumas also tend to manifest in physical ways in our lives through repeating patterns we create without realizing it and through our bodies as physical illnesses. Reiki is an effective tool to remove negative frequencies and help us overcome our deepest fears and blocks and blocks that get in the way of our happiness, creativity and love.

I have many clients who have come to me with problems which relate to a trauma or something that has caused them pain in their past, this could sometimes be going back as far as a childhood trauma ( It should be said that Reiki is not a replacement for traditional therapy, i.e group or one on one, as this treatment may also help depending on the severity ). When i tell them that this negative energy could be holding them back and causing blocks in their present life and is something that needs to be addressed in order for them to heal and move forward, it can be quite daunting and may be something they did not want to address,(and for some it can be too traumatic at this time in their lives, showing its obviously not the right time for them) it may be they have buried it deep in their subconscious hoping it will disappear over time, but the pain, or the effects of trauma, simply do not just disappear and eventually the emotions leak out or cause us physical illness, for example, like a bad shoulder that comes from " shouldering the burden" that improves and the pain gets less and the back pain that come from feeling "unsupported", will lessen or completely disappear. All can improve when we apply the positive energy of Reiki.

Reiki is an amazing healing force for healing past emotions and situations, as it removes the low energy and charges you with higher energy. When combined with the healing energy of love dramatic results can occur. You are not going to change what happened in the past but your perspective on it may change and instead of negative emotions and energy surrounding that event, peace and love will surround it. The negativity will fade away and blocks from the past will no longer hinder your future.

Reiki is an intelligent life force it knows when the time is right for us to deal with these earlier events in our lives. Reiki aids in bringing these difficult emotions to the surface to our conscious awareness so we can process all our thoughts and feelings and begin healing these memories, even though it may be difficult to relive these thoughts and emotions whilst receiving reiki, and even afterwards, its also good to pay attention and honour these memories as this is part of the healing process.

I'm not saying that a single session of Reiki will improve things, a lifetime of bruising does not heal in a single session, but it can be a new beginning, by letting go of these old blocks. And for some over time getting rid of this stuck blocked energy, they will feel that everything in their life changes for the better, things just seem to flow. For some it can take months for others they can see improvement much earlier, just remember everyone's healing is different and your healing process will go at the speed its suppose to.

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